Saturday, February 16, 2008

Literary Inspiration -Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

This morning I finished reading the second in the series of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness books. Although these books are aimed at children they are well written. I'm an avid reader (not usually fiction though) and they are well-written, the main thing which reveals them to be children's books is that almost all problems are resolved at the first attempt.
The books are set, possibly in Scandinavia, at some point during the Mesolithic. The author clearly knows what she is talking about as the characters knap flint, turn animals into tools and materials, track and use various plants from the forest. She has spent some time with various native groups to research what to write in the books.There is a bit of magic and mysticism in the books but it isn't too overbearring in the ones I've read so far.
In all, if you want to read about this period of time there isn't a lot of good fiction out there. They'd probably be an ideal way of motivating kids from around 8 up to get out there and do stuff as well. For now I'm just waiting to buy the 3rd one.