Monday, January 21, 2008

The Ever Ready SAK

Over the last year I've begun to keep my Swiss Army Knife with me more of the time. As it is obviously a pocket knife, non-locking and not that big it doesn't really pose any legal problems in most places.
It has amazed me the sheer number of tasks I have used it for. Rarely does a day go by in which it isn't useful at some point.
So far I've used it for:

  • Speading jam on bread
  • Taking the skins of sausages
  • Cutting cheese
  • Opening packets
  • Sharpening Pencils
  • Cutting the stems off flowers to put them in a vase
  • Removing threads from clothing
  • Removing plastic tags
  • Trimming broken fingernails
All this of course is in everyday, urban, life. It's abilities as a woodcraft tool may be less in demand in a general day but it does a fine job in this regard too. As it has a wood saw and awl it really does let you perform tasks easily that would normally take a much bigger knife or tool kit.
Having two blades is also useful in general usage as well. The sheepsfoot blade, which I have convexed, is short and accurate enough for cutting away single threads and tags whilst the longer blade is good for the more kitchen based tasks.
The only problem is that when sitting in my pocket it does act as a fluff magnet. A quick clean with a cotton bud and squirt with WD40 usually keeps it in good condition though and to be fair I only use a whetstone or strop the blade most of the time as I rarely let it get dull.


Pablo said...

Which one do you use Sam?

sam_acw said...

It's not one of the popular ones. it is called the Electrician Plus and has aluminium scales.
I took it over the farmer in the end as it had a large and small blade. It still has the awl and wood saw and some bottle opener type device.
I had to reprofile the blades though as the small one was chisel ground to start with/

Silverback said...

If you make a sheath out of some soft material it will reduce the amount of fluff it attracts in my experience. But still be small enough to fit in your pocket.

sam_acw said...

Singtek on BCUK made me a pouch sheath from leather which is pretty nice. It is to go on the belt though so it gets used in the woods rather than daily life.
I'll have a think about some kind og bag for it - thanks for the tip