Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Mission Statement?

Now, bushcraft is a pretty broad church with people interested in a variety of disciplines and skills and in a number of ways.
At one extreme we have the ultra high-tech guys with all the latest man made fibres and on the other the primitives using no industrial goods whatsoever.
Some are interested in survival and preparation, never a bad thing but not my driving force. Others are true craftsmen whose work I couldn't hope to compare to.
I find it hard to put myself somewhere in all this - primitive skills do really interest me but there are a couple of problems. Firstly I don't have a good flint supply anywhere nearby. Secondly using stone tools take longer and I have precious little woods time as it is and thirdly I do really enjoy collecting and using knives.
From the other direction though I don't go in for the latest steel fads and I'm not really a fan of stainless knives. I don't like man-made fibre clothing and think traditional stuff generally lasts longer and works better.
Not to forget those other historical trekkers who I do feel a kinship with yet I don't associate with any particular period.
As it is I guess I'm pretty much middle of the road, but you'd be surprised about how much time I spend wondering if I need to define what I'm trying to do more closely.
I'd like to ask you all the question - do you have a bushcraft vision or mission? Are there rules or goals for you?