Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dear Readers.... A Short Roundup

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading all of your comments on this blog. The comments on various blogs can often be as interesting as the writing itself!
Whilst online this week I've come across two further high quality blogs to read - Fenlander, a BCUK member not far from where I'm from has his Natural/Wilderness Living Skills Blog. On the other side of the pond there is Owen, who writes his Ancestral Skills and Primitive Technology Blog.
Both are well worth a read, and a comment, and contain lots of excellent and inspiring info.
As for me, well the Christmas holidays are coming up (oh so slowly) and I'm getting ready for some real winter weather. It is typical British weather - hovering around 0 degrees and damp.
On the presents front I don't know how many bushcrafty things will be coming down the Chimney with Santa. I've asked for a Moleskine journal after inspiration from Pablo. It should be a great help with keeping this blog up to date and with my embyonic tracking skills.
Without a lot of free time recently I've been resorting on the 3 bushcrafter's fall backs.

  • Ray Mears' Videos
  • Books
  • The local Park
The videos often offer some ideas, the earlier ones (Country Tracks) are particularly good but the last series on Wild Food was truly excellent. In general I prefer the cold weather ones to the jungle or safari episodes.
My ever growing Bushcraft library is being quite heavily used. The Society of Primitive technology's books along with Larry Olsen are the current reads.
The local park has been the scene of my most succesful (i.e. only!) tracking foray so far. In the frsh snow on the way to work last Friday I was rather transfixed by all the crow footprints zig zagging the path. I had no idea they walked that much or that they left a mostly continuous track!
One final thankyou is to all those who click on the adsense bars on this site. When it reaches $100 I think I'll have a poll on here for what to spend it on!


Owen said...

thanks for the compliment on my blog, i look forward to reading many more from yours!

Pablo said...

I changed to Moleskines in July (I'll write about the changoever soon.)
If you're taking tracking notes you may want to consider the squared page version of the Moleskine notbook. You can then do scaled sketches of your tracks. Good for mapping too. I'm sure Santa will swop.

sam_acw said...

Santa came with the moleskine book yesterday - he comes on the 6th, St. Nicholas' day here as well!
I've just got a lined version for now but I'll see how I get on.