Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Draws to a Close

As the year is nearly over it gives everyone an opportunity to look both backwards and forwards. For me 2007 has been a great year personally but I simply haven't had a lot in the way of free time to get out as much as I would like.
I have managed to make a few steps forwards in several areas. I've managed to sort out a selection of tools I'm happy using for most jobs. Although I can quite easily stick a pack full of cutting tools on my back I've come to the point that with my Leuku and SAK I can do most jobs whilst the Mora is a good back up or middle point between the two.
I've improved my knife skills a lot in the last year simply through practice and I can now get all of my tools, barring my Delaronde forge axe to a nice sharp edge. Why I can't succeed with the axe is beyond me. I can get it with a rough edge on a rough stone but I can't make any progress past that. Any further stropping, polishing or sharpening just takes the edge off. I have to say that it has been the worst buy of the year as it is still basically unusable.
I have continued with the research and who's who articles on here as well as trying to tell you all a little bit about life in Poland. Look for more detailed articles and hopefully a few PDFs in the new year.
I've begun to read into tracking and have made a few tentative steps along this line. I'm still waiting for the snow to get out and make a real effort with this. My library of woodcraft books, videos and pamphlets has continued to grow. It is probably about 40-50 items at the moment but I'm running out of things to find on Amazon now!
For the new year I hope to have a chance to make more detailed and instructional posts here and above all get out more often.
I'll be keeping you all up to date on every facet of my woodcrafting via my new look blog. I'd had the old template up for a long while and decided it was time for a change. If anyone can help me move the banner across or get rid of the adsense banner at the top of the page (I've Adblock'ed it) I'd be greatful for their help. Let me know what you think via the poll on the right.
So, that was 2007, here's to an happy and successful 2008!


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