Friday, November 02, 2007

Wszystkich Swietych

I've had yesterday and today off work the reason being that the 1st of November is All Saints Day - in Polish Wszystkich Swietych. Traditionally the day is spent visiting the graves of family members in the various cemeteries - I was joining in with Agi and my in-laws for the first time.
Although it is quite a sombre experience it is interesting to see and learn a bit of family history - I found out I won't be the first non-Catholic in the family as Agi has a German Protestant great-grandfather.
Aside from the crush on the buses and the crowds at the cemeteries a few things are worth noting. One is that on religious holidays here everything is shut - I really mean everything, for Poles holidays are family occasions not for shopping or going out. The second is that in the evening there is the wonderful sight of the night sky being lit by thousands of candles.