Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wood Care

I've been wondering about looking after the wood on various knives I've got for a while. The curly birch handle is a particular worry as it simply isn't as dense as some of the other woods ones.
I think that the red handled Moras will probably be ok due to the paint but for the rest of the handles I've currently been oiling them using olive oil from the kitchen. It seems to be ok but a bit more oil from use would probably help it too.
What about you - what do you use to look after wooden handles?


Pablo said...

To be honest I've not really thought about it but I know I should.

I coat the helves of the axes with linseed oil. Perhaps I should do the same with the knife handles which are curly mountain birch and zebrano on two seperate knives.

I've heard the Danish oil is good but I'm not sure what that is.