Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Snow Again

We had a bit of a snowfall again this afternoon - enough to leave a layer of slush on car roofs but no real settled bits. The last two days the temperature has also hovered around freezing.
Winter is by far my favourite season of the year - the same woods I've visited throughout the year will suddenly look fresh and new and what's more they will also be virtually devoid of other people. Of recent weeks I've made do with walks through the nearby parks rather than a lot of woods time - partly because we've been busy- but largely because I've gotten a little tired of going to the same place every time. On of life's current ironies is that to get out in nature more I'd actually need to have my own car to do so.
Although public transport is far superior here to that in Britain (i.e. you can actually get where you want to be) it is still time consuming and Polish timetables are definitely not intended to be user friendly - for example they don't tell you when (or if) the return bus will arrive.
I'm pleased it is getting towards winter though - it means time to dig out the winter books such as A Snow Walker's Companion and the soon to arrive Paradise Below Zero. Although I doubt we'll see huge snowfall here I'm hopeful of having a few inches on the ground for at least a couple of months.
All in all, I'm not sure when I'll next make it out into the woods - I really need to get someone to help me make sense of the ridiculous bus timetables or just put up with doing the same thing every week.