Saturday, November 03, 2007

Glass Knapped

I got round to having a go at knapping glass this morning - I managed to make something but I'm not quite sure what you'd call it! I've taken some photos but I can't get them to upload today for some reason.
I managed to break a beer bottle and then get down to just the circular base by using a hammer stone. From there I tried to make something pointy but instead it ended up long and thin. I don't think I was that accurate with the hammer stone to be honest. I had a go at pressure flaking an edge and have put some little tooth like marks in it but I didn't have a lot of control or knowledge of what I was doing. Using a screwdriver as a pressure flaker may have contributed to this too.
It was a useful experiment and I'll have another go soon. I'd like to show you the pictures to show you just how terrible I am at most craft things!