Sunday, November 18, 2007

Frosty Fun Day

Despite it being a cool -5 degrees I finally got around to visiting the woods today. It was really beautiful with a good dusting of frost and the remnants of the weeks earlier snow fall. Unfortunately there wasn't enough white on the ground to look for footprints or tracks but hopefully there will be soon.
It was a really good afternoon out. I spent a couple of hours there in total and didn't feel cold at all. I was wearing a few layers to keep warm so it was ok but I'm still looking for some type of reasonably priced thermal trousers as my legs get only 1 layer when my top half has four.
I managed to find a few pine trees which had fallen over exposing their roots. I took a few roots for future projects - it was quite easy processing them. The leuku chops through them pretty easily and I used the back of the blade to de-bark them. I split them nice end gently using the splitting cut shown on Mors Kochanski's blades video. I've now got a few metres for various things.
I also picked up some bits on downed pine as I've run out of wood to carve and pine is pretty easy to play with. I'm hoping to have a go at a netting needle of some description with it.
I also picked up a few very narrow strips of birch bark by using my knife as a draw knife and shaving it of downed logs. I might have enough for some sort of weaving but I don't know yet. It's not a good time of year to get complete sheets.
The birch had been killed off by birch polypore funghi. I've collected a few as I seem to recall they can make a reasonable tinder if prepared.
In all it was time very well spent - I've got the materials for a few things to make at leisure and I've proved my layered clothes are working well so far. I kept a small thermometer in the pocket of my fleece jumper, the top layer under my coat - whenever I checked it it read about 13 degrees - nearly 20 degrees warmer than the air temperature.


Pablo said...

I love going out on frosty days. You're right about base layer for legs. Often forgotten. Luckily you can get cheap long johns anywhere. But if you're willing to splash out Ulfrotte are as good as they get.