Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To the Poles!

It is hard to move through town at the moment without being assaulted by some sort of political poster, flier or car with loudspeakers yelling at everyone. On Sunday it will once again be election day in Poland for the members of the Sejm - one of the 2 houses of the Polish parliament.
Since I first came to Poland in 2005 it seems that there has been election almost every week - due to the wonders of proportional representation and a huge number of parties it is very hard for anyone to get a majority.
Currently the ruling part is PIS (Law and Justice) with the opposition as PO (Civic platform) and they seem to have no idea who will win this election so far - Poles love watching the news about politicians and there is never any shortage of news. Indeed Poland's politicians have an awful lot more character than their British counterparts!
I'll let you all know what happens as it'll probably be in the international news somewhere - I very much doubt there will be any big changes though and life will still continue as normal. As for my opinion, well I'm not entitled to vote here so I haven't really worked out who I'm in favour of - the LiD posters do look the nicest though!