Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Another quiet weekend but a fairly cold one (6-8 degrees). Due to the forthcoming cold weather we spent yesterday looking around the local DIY shop for the rubber tape to seal the gaps in the window frames. Our "lovely" landlord came round to show me how to put cotton wool in the gaps last year when I asked about the windows!
I've been on the lookout for lightweight luggage recently and came across the following website Casada's Historically Correct Knapsacks.
Over on the Outdoors Magazine forums there are a couple of similar inspirational threads going as well. Check out the home made backpack and the wool hunting shirt and here in their natural element.
In the bushcraft blogsphere I'd like to welcome Torjus back from the wilderness and to draw attention to Decado's Bushcraft blog.


Decado said...

I understand about the "lovely landlord" situation. Bit of the opposite but one of the places my wife and I lived in while we were dating required us to have most of the windows half open in the winter in order to not die of dehydration! It was that hot! And such a waste...

Thanks for the mention!