Monday, October 22, 2007

Report - Warszawski Weekend

Well, what a weekend. The hotel we stayed in, Hotel Praski, is definitely not to be recommended. Not only does it look like Fawlty Tower's Polish cousin but it came complete with a stag party of Scotsmen who to great glee in singing and shouting in the corridor from 12 to 6 am.
The Knife show was enjoyable - I didn't stay long as I'm not a regular poster on the forum there and didn't really know anyone. There were some nice knives and it was good to see people
who obviously enjoyed making, collecting and playing with them. There was also a cutting competition but I didn't stay for all the rounds.
I also picked up a copy of the most recent "Blade" magazine. I quite like this magazine but it is aimed more at the collectors end than the users end.
On the Sunday, despite suffering from a lack of sleep and a sore back - my Swedish rucksack rubs unless I remember to thread a waist belt through it- I managed to travel about quite a bit. Largely due to my preference to walking rather than taking public transport I walked about 6 km.
I went, once again, to the Archaeology museum but it seemed the staff had had a sense-of-humour transplant and were rather unhelpful. All the lovely polished stone axes we saw last time must have been part of a travelling exhibit. I managed a few sketches of some of the mesolithic bits and have my eye on a car park when I could source some suitable stone!


Mungo said...

Well, let's see some of those sketches!

I don't have a copy of Kephart, but hopefully will soon. Interesting that he has similar layouts for the tarp.