Sunday, October 14, 2007

Re-inventing the Wheel

Like many other bushcrafters I'm also a bit of a knife collector. I've seen all sorts of shapes and tried out a fair few of them. Over on BCUK you can see a similar trend and even follow threads about knife design.
The trouble for me is that bushcrafters - largely weekend woodsmen (me included)- are attempting to design appropriate tools for their environment. In many ways it is better to look at the traditional tools of the area you are in, after all the style has been in development a lot longer.
Most of Poland consists of relatively young woodland. On the train you can see that the vast majority is pine and birch. For me that means looking for tools used in a similar environment hence my liking for Scandinavian knives.
Of course I always like to try out new things and I'll probably keep on collecting things.
On the subject of collecting I've recently got hold of a fairly old boy scout match safe via E-bay. I've just finished shortening and wax dipping the kitchen matches for it so it should be good to go now.