Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool

Following on from a question about this tool from Pablo I thought I'd let you all know my initial impressions of it.
I'll try to compare it to my Leuku as it is the only other big knife I've got even though they aren't that similar.
The Leuku comes in at about 30cm overall with an 18cm scandi-ground blade. On the other hand the Parang is much bigger. It is 39cm overall with a 27cm long convex ground blade. It is also more than double the weight of the Leuku, perhaps even more when the sheath is included. The rubber handle accounts for some of this weight as does the fact that the blade is 8mm thick at one point.
I've used the parang for chopping into wood and also tried some whittling with it - despite BCUK's own tool guru British Red having sharpened it I really don't rate the edge holding - Agi told me it looked blunt as she saw it was taking a lot more effort to do the same work than my fiskars axe.
One of the reasons I've not got a lot of use out of it so far is the size - it is a handful to take anywhere. The design itself is also odd with the sharpened back edge making it more dangerous and less useful for me and the carving edge being near the tip so it is very hard to control. It also looks fairly tactical with the dull coating, black handle and sheath.
It is maybe a tool to do everything - but when I hit the woods this weekend it won't be the tool I grab to take with me.


Pablo said...

Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to do that Sam.
Rethink time.