Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Coming!

Well, the trees are shedding their leaves and there is starting to be a lot less green everywhere. Added to that the temperature has gone below 10 degrees and the heating in my block of flats is ready for the official turn-on. All this can mean only one thing - Winter is just around the corner.
It is by far my favourite time of the year - lovely snow and frost, getting to dress up in lots of clothing and the near empty woods.
I haven't upgraded my winter kit at all so far this year but I'm on the look out for some better clothing for my bottom half. I tended to get cold legs last year with only one layer of clothing on.
There are loads of things I'm looking to try out but as usual I have far more ideas than I'll ever get to put into practice. Playing with snowshoes, carving, a frame packs and trying a travois (see here and here) are all on the list at the moment.
One thing I have added recently is a vintage boy scout match safe. I'm a fan of using mathces to start a fire and a good, waterproof, case for them is essential. I'm just looking to buy some long kitchen matches or something similar for it then I'll post it all here.
Is anyone else out there in bushcraft blogland making plans for winter yet?


Pablo said...

I'm not going to change my kit too much from last year, but I have bought a nice thick Dockers jumper 100% wool from Ebay (£17-50). I'm afraid I just can't justify Swanndri prices.
This weekend will be the last trip with the lightweight sleeping bag. Next trip will see the Nanok -10 lumped onto the pack.

Decado said...

Actually, fall is my favorite time of the year... But! Now that I have been playing around with the whole teepee idea from last year I can't wait for it to snow.

Being somewhat new to this bushcraft philosophy, I am still in the "What should I put in my Bushcraft Kit?" stage. Look forward to sharing ideas and stories with you.