Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free Books

If you're keen on looking there is a lot of good, free, information out there on the internet. I'm not just talking blogs, articles and message boards but whole books.
Of course you can use a peer to peer programme such as bittorrent and download various books or pamphlets - it is up to you to check what's legal or not though which makes it a bit of a headache.
Torjus has just posted a teaser for his forthcoming work - Woodworking with Stone Tools.
Over at BCUK there is a whole section for file downloads. Some of these are pretty good books and can certainly serve to fill out your library when your short on cash or space.
You can also use the advanced search options on google.
Just click advanced search, go to file type and then choose .pdf.
Here's an example of what happens when you look for Mors Kochanski (check out PDF no.17)
Outdoors magazine have a files section similar to BCUK - there seems to be a degree of overlap as well.
Finally we have Project Gutenberg which endeavours to collect as many out of copyright works as it can. Always worth a look for some of the lesser known outdoor writers such as Adirondack Murray (William) or more well known writers such as Baden Powell.


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