Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Electoral Update

The results came in officially yesterday but it was the result most of young Poland wanted - the ruling Law and Justice party has been kicked out and the Civic Platform will take over in coalition with the smaller peasants party.
It is good news for me, and many non Poles, as the new government is more business orientated and pro-EU. One of the pleasant side effects is that the 2 fairly extreme parties Samoobrona (self-defence) and LPR (the League of Polish Families) have both been kicked out of parliament and as a result will loose their central funding!
The BBC's take on the election and on Europe's reaction is available at these links. In Britain, Poles voted overwhelmingly for the new government - 62% with the old ruling party only getting 11% of the vote. In Ireland the number was even higher.


Pablo said...

Good grief...'scuse my ignorance but is it really called the peasants party?

sam_acw said...

I'm not sure- I'd seen it in a BBC article somewhere. I think Polish People's Party is a translation I've also seen used.
Agi agrees with the peasants party though - it is a more literal translation.