Sunday, September 09, 2007

Toys Again

At the end of the week my mood was much lifted by the arrival of my latest batch of toys from Ben's Backwoods. I had ordered Mors Kochanski's DVD on cutting tools, 12 of his pocket books, a spare Mora because I wouldn't like to lose my current one and an Isaaki Jarvenpaa 7 inch Leuku knife.
I'm very pleased with all of the kit. The new Mora is nice and shiny still which shows how well used my old one is already! The DVD contains some great sections though isn't quite as good as the other two and the pocket books are very well written although some of the titles are not the most likely to be useful (I bought them in batches of 4).
The Leuku itself is a lovely knife, unfortunately with a rather dreadful sheath. It is a soft leather sheath which hasn't been hardened or sealed in any way so is a dirt magnet - it already has several cuts in it from the blade after only a few days use and the plastic insert comes out when you draw the blade. On the bright side this knife is beginning to make me see why bigger knives as survival tools are so much in vogue on the other side of the pond.
I got out using the new knife and for a general walk this afternoon. I'll write it up and put up some reviews when I get my camera working properly - hopefully tomorrow.