Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marbles Woodcraft Safegrip - Time for Change

I've had this knife for quite a while and it has only managed one outing so far. I guess one of the reasons is I'm not keen on the rubber handle and also the sheath is not a full pouch type so it leaves all of the handle standing outside. It is a nice pattern knife as it has the old time look and is a good length.
I've decided to have a go at modifying this knife into something more to my liking and a bit more traditional. Unlike the classic Marbles this blade is stainless not carbon steel which is a minus but it was also about a third the price (cheaper steel and handle material?). According to the maker it is 420 stainless.
The classic woodcraft knives are sure a lot prettier and I'll be aiming for this type of look. I've been thinking about antler, birch bark or maple so far - I'm not really sure yet. I have already taken off the rubber handle and been pleasantly surprised. The tang is almost full length and the handle was already slightly on the long side for my hand.
I've been perusing as they have a vast stock of knife bits and pieces. The only problem is I'll end up ordering other toys too.
I'll keep you posted on this project as it looks like being fun and shall keep me occupied when Agi is at university for the weekend.