Friday, September 14, 2007

End of Summer

Today is the last day of summer - we've got to go into work and meet the new staff this afternoon. Next week is made up of 5 days of rather dull meetings and frustratingly pointless training. The whole idea is that you don't really listen otherwise you'd pick up on how contradictory some of the rules and directives are and that a lot of them are just designed to fill up your time.
The benefit is that it will be nice to get back to real teaching in a week's time - hopefully some nice new classes to mix in with those I remember from last year.
As far as woodcrafting goes this summer hasn't been all I hoped. Being ill for a week in the holiday is rather unfortunate but I've used the summer to organise my reading materials and I feel I can finally reduce my outlay on sharp objects!
Hopefully I'll get some free time at weekends but the disadvantage of working in a school is that we're going to be lucky to get more than a single day off before Christmas!


Piotr said...

Hello Samuel :D Here Piotr From english school C2a ;D:D How are you and Agnieszka ;P This year i go to oxford :D i hope you'll teach me ;D ;D Bye we'll meet in oxFord :D