Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carving Triggers

I've been out in the sun playing with the Leuku again this afternoon. One of the things I've been trying to do is carve one of the simplest trap triggers I've come across - known as the promontory peg.
I first came across this in the hunting and trapping section of Paleoplanet and should be possible made with only a couple of sticks.
Apparently it is essential not to let the cuts be too smooth but I found it hard to get the step deep enough. There is a good article on it here thanks to the NPS and another at Wildwood Survival.
I had more success with a trigger based upon the 2 stick trap in Larry Dean Olsen's book. I managed to get one to catch me a couple of times but the point of the main stick easily got bent over after a few trials.
I also came across another good primitive skills site by Arthur Haines. Torjus also has a few pictures of traditional northern traps on his shiny new "Living Primitively" site.
I also feel obliged to add that I've no idea of the legality of this in Poland - I'm presuming it wouldn't be legal so making sure I don't leave traps anywhere other than my front room!
It was a worthwhile play session as it is all too easy to read something in a book and think "right, that's what I do" and forget to practice it. In Poland "Praktyka czyni mistrza" (literally practice makes the master)


Pablo said...

I'll have to try this. I had great difficulty getting my head around the Paiute trap even with instruction. This looks easier.