Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wedding Planning

I spent the whole of yesterday helping out (well, standing nearby) Agi and her family as we tried to set up plans for our wedding next summer. It looks to be a year away exactly (30/08) if all goes to plan.
As far as Poles are concerned the church aspect is important but is only the start of the festivities. The real event is the reception which goes on till 6 am featuring a band, drinking and dancing. Poles are sterotyped as vodka lovers and in our plans we're allowing for half a litre of vodka per head!
We did manage to pick out a nice restaurant to hold the reception and we have now got some idea of a budget - no new knives for a while for me! We've got to go back today and have a play with the lighting in the restaurant as it has lots of soft uplighting and shades on dark green walls - looks nice but not good for photos.
I'll be keeping you all updated as to how things go but I'll try not to let it eat into the woodcrafting too much.