Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Just a quick post to round up a few things.
I've started to organise the mountain of books I bought this summer in order to start writing up reviews for all of you out there in blogland. I should be getting the final shipment from my Mum (thanks Mum!) this week along with another box of toys from Ben's Backwoods.
One of the new items will be Mors Kochanski's dvd on tool sharpening and use and his booklet on the same subject. I'm pretty pleased with all of my knives now and they all slip through paper without any pressure on them. The Mora is becoming my number one carver whilst the Canadian remains a kitchen knife. I'm still not as in love with the Nessmuk as I hoped to be - it is just too thick. The Mora has grown on me to the extent that the parcel should be containg a backup one too! I'm currently using an viking style slate whetstone on it and that seems to be doing the job.
My Delaronde forge axe is still proving to be something of a sharpening nightmare though. Every time it approaches sharp it takes a step back right away. It is something of a dissapointement in terms of utility so far - hence my buying the bigger fiskars last week. To rememdy this I'm going over the edge with a permanent marker to see what I'm actually doing to it and hope to have some success here.
Away from knives I found a Mors Kochanski video on google, which is worth a look and I've also joined a Yahoo group called "Backwoodsman" so hello to anyone from there who is reading here!