Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Stone Age Hunters - Grahame Clark

I bought this book from a 2nd hand seller via Amazon for less than £2 - it must have been quite a high seller and was printed in 1971. It was written by the archaeologist who first excavated and wrote about the world famous hunting camp at Starr Carr - Britain's first bush craft meet?
I had first come across mention of this book in Francis Prior's "Britain BC" as it being an inspiring and accessible book on the Mesolithic world. That is most definitely the case as I'd recommend that anyone who has an interest in bushcraft heritage, primitive skills or anthropology pick one up.
Although the pictures are mostly black and white photos or line drawings the book is very well illustrated with pictures I've never come across before. It mixes pictures of Mesolithic art and artifacts with modern hunter gatherers employing similar tools. The text is fairly easy to follow although the section on human evolution is well out of date according to current thinking.
It has lots of little bits and pieces which will give you ideas such as pine bark net floats from Finland and various harpoon and spear designs. It is well worth getting hold of as it is a book which will give you ideas and inspirations and you'll come back to every now and again (if your anything like me that is!). For the price you can pick it up for it is a 9/10 book.