Thursday, August 02, 2007

Important Announcement

Something of a change from the recent complaining:

Agi and I have just got engaged!

After a few months of discussion and planning and a lengthy search for an appropriately stylish ring I finally managed to learn the Polish phrase for "will you marry me?" and asked her after her birthday meal last night. The only hitch was she hadn't taught me the correct answer to the question as it is old formal Polish!! Even though it had all been arranged in advance it was still a pretty nerve wracking experience but we're now a very happy couple just counting down the days to being back in Poland


Pablo said...

WOW!!! Fantastic! Let me be the first (on your blog) to congratulate you both...and what a delightful looking lady if I may say. Congrats again.

American Bushman said...


Congratulations to you both.


torjusgaaren said...


When are the kids coming?

sam_acw said...

Thanks for all the congratulations, no kids for a while yet Torjus!