Monday, August 20, 2007

Fiskars Axe II

When in the local DIY shop on Saturday I managed to get hold of another fiskars axe whilst Agi wasn't looking! Rather than pick up a Chinese axe and spend days regrinding the head I prefer the Fiskars models as they come sharp.
I already had the very short hand axe (the Tourist Axe 500) which is esentially a carving tool and wedge rather than a full size axe. It had the added advantage in that it came with a reinforced nylon sheath.
I decided that an axe with a bit more handle length would be a bit more useful so I bought the next size up which is approximately as long as my forearm. This ne is known as the 600 model.
I've already modified it slightly by scraping off the raised lettering on the mouldings over the head and by using a bench stone to flatten the bevels as they tend to start off slightly concave!
I've had a quick search for articles on these on the web and have found Old Jimbo's excellent article on improving the 600 hatchet and also a review of its slightly bigger brother onBCUK courtesy of an American trapper.
N.B. These are the same as axes branded either Fiskars, Wilkinson Sword or Gerber with composite handles.


agi said...

yeah, it's impossible for Agi to see half a metre long axe

sam_acw said...

I've been caught!!!