Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cooking Vessels

I've been on the hunt for some cooking pots in various camping shops this summer and have to say that I've not been impressed very often by them. Too many are either small or easily scratched non stick or aluminium. The titanium stuff is also definitely overkill for what I need.
The one good thing is that it is very easy to get hold of stainless dishes for baking and various items of enamel ware here.
I've not really decided what to get as I want to find something that fits together and can boil and fry and also hold food so it doesn't get crushed.
Having a quick read of Nessmuk reveals the following:

"My entire outfit of cooking and eating dishes comprises five pieces of tinware.... when cruising and tramping I take just 2 pieces in the knapsack."
"One dish as follows - 6 inches bottom, 6 3/4 inches on top sides 2 inches high."
"The second dish to be made the same but small enough to nest in the first, and also to fit in it when inverted as a cover."

With this in mind I bought 2 catering stainless steel mixing bowls. I did abandon the perscription somewhat as they are the same size (but still nest neatly) and are 24 cm (9.5 inches) across ad not as steep sided. The do fit one atop the other but would need to be placed carefully for an exact fit. They are also indcredibly light.
They are made in China so could well be the ones in this photo (credit)

I'll be taking them out soon as we plan to have a BBQ within the next few days.