Thursday, August 23, 2007

BCUK Bushcraft Magazine - A Year in Review

I started my subscription to the BCUK Magazine at the same time I started my paid membership of the site- early last autumn. Having received my final magazine of the year's 4 (to go with 2 others I got on back order) I have decided to sit down and look at whether or not it is worth resubscribing.
The magazines have steadily grown over the 18 months they've been in existence and the space is largely articles. However the majority of the articles are simply not very good. Too much emphasis is on topics peripheral to bushcraft such as anthropology, medicine and fabric history and there is far too little instruction in the magazine. One series of how to articles was little more than a group of photos and there is an over riding bias towards expensive kit in the magazine.
In the end I want a magazine that tells me how to do stuff not what to buy, I'd thought such a small magazine wouldn't be as advertiser driven but I don't feel I'm getting a lot of value from the magazine. The only articles I return to are those by Mors Kochanski and I've just ordered 3/4 of his series of pocketbooks.
In conclusion, I won't be renewing my subscription.


torjusgaaren said...

I will not be renewing either. There is way too little about making things and articles of the hands on stuff. In addition most of the good stuff that is there, really is on a very, very basic level.

This magazine is trying to satisfy everyone. That leaves many people (like us) out.

Jon said...

It's so nice to have some honesty out there! Too many people say what they think people want to hear (especially on certain forums I could mention).


PS I have put a link to your blog on my blog (