Saturday, August 25, 2007

BBQ in the Woods

Yesterday lunchtime Agi and I went to the Kapturski woods for a barbecue - although fires are banned through most of the woods there is a special area where barbecues are allowed.
It was a great success and Agi was a particular fan of BBQ'ed corn-on-the-cob whilst the podwawelska sausages we grilled we're excellent too.

Of course it also gave me an opportunity to play with some of my kit - my Mora proved to be a fine knife for cooking but the blade patina has got even more developed from sweetcorn juice. It is one of my favorite knives as it is just so easy to use and sharpen. I took it as I wanted to do some carving - I made a quick poker for the fire and had a go at making tongs but misjudged the wood and put a knot in the bend so that it broke when being bent.

As an aside the Cold Steel Canadian has become our No.1 kitchen knife - the shape means you can chop up herbs for pizza and it glides through chicken breasts.

To start the fire I used a barbecue match, or rather 3 as they kept blowing out as the coating to strike them was very minimal. I had already split up some bits of birch and birch bark to get a fire going and when the match actually got that far it all went up nicely. I took some charcoal briquettes - less said about these the better - they were useless. I ended up using a few bits of scrounged birch and also fir cones. They are light and easy to collect in the Birch and pine woods near here so I might have to have a think about their suitability as a fuel.

After 30 minutes of burning there were some coals so on went the food. I used a foil sheet as I hadn't got any skewers prepared - after a few minutes the corn was ready and the sausages in half an hour.

The new stainless bowls were used to hold food, fan flames (in the absence of a suitable hat) and also they fit inside the fire bowl to form a sort of oven very easily.

The firebowl was excellent. It burned well, although there was quite a breeze, weighs nothing and it cooled very quickly when all was done. I'm very impressed with it and will keep it as part of my kit.


OGTL said...

Wow, that's terrible that open fires are banned, but the Barbeque is an enjoyable way to cook food indeed.

Anonymous said...

polish forests are made up of mainly pine and birch so are just a tinder box in waiting, and there are many villages with wooden houses and churches in and around the forests so the risk is just too great (some of the forests in mazowieckie are enormous too)

sam_acw said...

That's true - the trouble is I regularly see fire scars from others in clearings. I'm on the lookout for any campgrounds actually in the forests rather than on the edge - do you know any?