Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to Cambridgeshire

Well, the summer school situation is finally over and Agi and I are back at my family home in St. Ives. We've got another 4-5 weeks before we start work again so there should be a good opportunity for some serious woods time in there!
One of the best things about being in England is of course the number of bookshops - bushcraft is becoming more of a popular activity as seen by more survival type books in Waterstone's. However a lot of these are just a rehashing of the good old SAS survival book - even the drawings look similar. I've managed to pick up a good range of books I'll be reviewing in due course.
These include
Animal Tracks and Signs
The Stone Age Hunters by Grahame Clarke
After the Ice: A global human history from 20,000 to 5000 BC by Steven Mithen
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden
Camping for Boys by H.W. Gibson
I've also got field guides with keys on both trees and fungi as well as
The Definitive book on Dowsing by Hamish Miller
I'm also still waiting for another 5 to arrive in the post!! Time to sort out the courier to Poland.

I have obviously decided to make a real effort to improve my library this summer and one easy and cheap way you can do this is by printing out PDF files. The BCUK website has a good page of articles on the file downloads section whilt searching for PDF files using google has also let me find little gems such as this book on crooked knives.
I'm also getting to the point of writing a few articles myself and putting them in PDF form for people to use. Once I've been through and printed off things I should have a good library of my own on bushcraft - I've always been keen on buying books and managed to spend more on them than I did on beer whilst at university!
One final link which may be of interest until I get the reviews up is a very well written bibliography of bushcraft resources thanks to the people at Jack Mountain Bushcraft.


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