Monday, July 30, 2007

An End in Sight

Well, firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of updates. I've not really done anything of note here aside from buying books and I'll post reviews of these in due course.
As I mentioned in my previous post the company we're working for is an utter shambolic mess. They have shown a surprising ability to mis-sell this centre and as such our last group of the summer has decided to cancel their reservation - apparently the non-existent facilities and different location put them off! The net result of this is that Agi and I have both had our contracts cancelled 2 weeks early as the centre is being shut due to low student numbers.
The company put no effort into finding us alternative employment whilst still advertising for staff - we've basically got no rights as we're on a temporary contract with only a weeks' notice. This has lead to the fun spectacle of us finding somewhere to stay for a few days till we can get our flight moved - luckily it has now been dealt with.
All in all it has been a pretty poor summer, the centre manager here is disorganised and the company head office dishonest. Rather than saving money towards a house deposit I shall be around £700 down on where I should have been at the end of the summer.
Sorry for ranting but being treated like this really irritates me.


Mungo said...

Now that is a big pain - sorry to hear about this. Well, maybe it is a chance for you to do a bit of camping in the meantime, yes? And of course now you know where to stay for a few days - in a tent!
Seriously though, hope this works out for you.
All the best,

Pablo said...

If you're ever in that situation again, please contact me thru BCUK. I'm sure we could put you up. We're close to Stansted airport as well.
Hope all goes well.

sam_acw said...

Thanks for the offer Pablo, luckily we managed to sort something out.