Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back in England

As the title says, I'm now back in England for about 2 months. Although I'd love to be able to go camping or something similar here I probably won't have a lot of time as I'm teaching in a summer school near York most of the summer and doing some touristy bits with Agi in the remaining time. I do hope to sort out some of my rather large personal library to get it sent back to Poland.
I'm likely to take back a few of the self sufficiency and wild food type books I've got and hopefully a couple of archaeology ones as well. Odd as it sounds Ray Mears' books will probably stay here - they are, in my view, too much like coffee table books than instruction manuals. I've also had a look at the Bear Grylls book in shops and it seems like a rehashed version of the survival books that have been kicking around for years.
One thing I will be aiming to do this summer is to sort out membership of the Society of Primitive Technology as their books are great and the journal is well recommended.
I have subscribed to the BCUK magazine and will probably renew this although I must admit there is rarely more than 1 article of interest per magazine. There is way too many kit reviews and too few tutorials or really good articles.
I'm also hoping to have a play with some flint this summer with a look to finally get more primitive stuff done. I don't know how often I'll be posting but I'll try to keep you all up to date.