Sunday, June 17, 2007

Play Day

Having no work tomorrow made today a lazy and relaxing day. Apart from a quick trip to the shops I haven't been out all day but I enjoyed the afternoon with Agi and spent a large part of it sat out on the balcony.
I had a play with a few bits and I'm beginning to figure out the DeLaRonde axe now. I think the steel in the head is fairly soft and is yet to take a shaving edge, however, it was able to chop through a couple of inches of seasoned beech fairly quickly and could remove nice cuts when chopping down. I'm getting the hang of chopping technique but it is necessary to remember to stay on your knees most of the time to keep the arc of the axe head pointing at the ground not you.
After reducing the beech branch to smaller bits of beech branch I had a play with various knives. My Nessmuk, Mora and Canadian belt knife are all adept at removing wood pretty quickly but I wanted to try out the little Bark River PSK now I've cord wrapped the handle.
Now the cord wrap is hardly pretty but the only tutorial I found said to glue the cord and I don't want to do that. It does bulk the handle out nicely and prevents the cramp I've suffered from with it previously. I had a good time making a nice sharp cuts and curls and generally practicing my knife skills. I did make a quick "reet-reet" instrument by cutting small notches in a stick and rubbing another stick across them, the idea is it sounds like a frog croaking!
I also had a play with some nice bits of birch bark and the blastmatch. I showed Agi how it worked and she managed to start a fire first time! I was very pleased though I'm sure she does think my fascination with cutting up and burning small bits of wood is a little odd.
All in all a good day.