Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knife Skills - Tent Peg Carving

I'm sure many of you read Mors' article on try-sticks and have given it a go. Well taking this as inspiration I spent some time this afternoon carving out a tent peg using a few of the different cuts mentioned. I could have done it a lot quicker with an axe or other chopping tool but I was quite happy playing with my knife.
1. Take 1 bit of dry and dead birch

2. Cut it more or less to length by trimming through about 1/3 of the diameter and then breaking it.

3. Point the stick - it is meant to be stronger if the point is off to one side. Makes sense to me.

4. De-bark the stick so it looks nice

5. Round off the other end. Rather than making longer and longer cuts for a point do the opposite and keep making them shorter. Be careful when you get to the end

6. Baton a small cut in a couple of inches down from the top. It doesn't need to be deep

7. Shave up to the batoned cut to create a notch. You can keep shaving and batoning until you are about 1/3 through. Round off the sides of the notch too.
8. Voila! You have one quicky tent peg and you have also practiced several different knife skills!


American Bushman said...

Great tutorial Sam.

I'm really liking the look of that Nessie too.

I've used this technique many times in the woods when I decided to try a new pitch with my tarp as I tend to only carry four Aluminum pegs.

Rounding the top of the peg is an important step as it really allows you to hammer the peg into the ground with your baton.

Good stuff.


Juho said...

Great advice.

You should try out Finnish-type carving knife. It makes the job whole lot easier. ;)

sam_acw said...

Nice looking blog Juho, pity I can't read finnish!
I've got a frosts mora swedish blade and a Martinni knife that was bought in Finland as a present for me. I'm just looking at the site too!