Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hayfever and Hatchets

With the end of the last week's rains my hay fever has returned with a vengeance today. I must have sneezed about 500 times today!
Normally I take cetirizine which works well but does make me a bit tired and easily depressed unless I remember to take it the night before. Not a lot of use when there's a sudden change of weather. I've also used a different brand every year for the last 3 years as I seem to become adjusted to them after a while and their effectiveness diminishes.
On the bright side I've just about got the edge profile of my DeLaRonde Forge axe where I want it. I've been using some worn down 800 grit wet'n'dry (abrasive) paper backed with a sheet of thick soft felt to keep the edge convex. It is lovely and smooth now and I'll probably keep playing with it whilst I watch a few cartoons this evening. I must say that the convex edge doesn't quite have the same bite as a knife yet. I keep thinking about a sheath for it and think I'll try to make an edge cover out of an old leather belt. Sounds odd but stay tuned!
I got really lucky with this tool as there is usually a 6 month waiting list but they happened to have one in stock. The guys at DeLaRonde admirably prioritise tools and weapons for people on active military service oven recreational customers. The haft is very narrow and slims toward the head but it seems well chosen with a nice straight grain running in line. I'm probably going to put some oil into the wood to help protect it but it is already a beautiful colour. If it darkens slightly it will be a perfect match for the handle of my Nessmuk knife. I'll also be on the look out for some leather thongs as a wrist lanyard to match for both tools would be nice. Off for some stropping time now!

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