Friday, June 01, 2007

Dentistry in Poland

Something of an odd post here but one I wish to make regardless. I finally managed to visit a (private) dentist here and get a small amount of work done. Nothing to do with the difficult as Agi managed to get me an appointment within a week of me asking more to do with my reluctance to go.
Having to go to a dentist where everything is new is bad enough. Having it in a foreign language, even with a fluently bi-lingual girlfriend translating, makes it even less fun. When this is combined with my poor experiences with my family's NHS dentist in England it was not something I really wanted to do.
Having been used to delays and being treated as if the teeth are the dentist's whilst I am only the caretaker I was rather shocked at the difference in Poland. Rather than rudeness and bossiness there was a friendly dentist and a high degree of consultation. It was quick, amazingly painless (NHS injects rarely work that well on me) and overall pretty positive. It wasn't expensive either about 100zl (£20) for 20 minutes work. I'm beginning to see why people come here for dental holidays!
Big thanks to Agi though for holding my hand through the whole process!!