Saturday, June 02, 2007

Archaeology "Festival" in Radom

Today was part of the the Radom festival weekend where there was meant to be a varied historical exhibition in town. The event itself was situated in the old town, the nastiest area of Radom where many buildings look like they have just been propped up since WW2 and are being lived in until they finally collapse.
The event was not only un-signposted but also involved wandering down a few tracks strewn with rubbish across fields. Hardly likely to get many people involved is it? However the ocation chosen was due to it being on Piotrowka. According to the municipal website:
"The oldest historical monument in Radom is the Piotrówka emplacement - the remains of a stronghold located in the Mleczna river valley. The stronghold, dating from the second half of the 10th century, had been surrounded with a moat and probably double ramparts, made of wood and soil. Currently the hill which covers the remains is 135 meters wide, and rises about 8 meters above the valley level. The name is derived from the St. Peter`s church, which existed here in early Middle Ages. Later that hill housed a settlement of iron workers, in the 18th and early 19th century a cemetery was located here, and finally a gun powder depot."
There were a few tents visible and the standard of crafts was quite good. Leather work and weaving were much in evidence but unfortunately leather itself seems quite hard to get hold of in small quantities here. The women's impressions looked quite good except for the lady sporting a pair of glasses! The guys seemed to be an odd mix of viking-esque stuff. I also took a photo of two men by an exhibit of making birch bark tar. The only trouble is that they weren't actually doing it!The weather served to worsen things as it was chucking it down. The second that the heavens open here the whole country seems to get depressed - Poland seems to be positively rain phobic.


agi said...

funnily enough, the pics look way better than the thingy itself, they nearly make an impression of a real event, intead of a hodge-podge we've seen ;-)