Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Zakopane - Toys

With this, my penultimate Zakopane post (I've taken a while I know) I thought I'd show off a few of the bits and pieces I bought whilst i was there. Firstly I manage to buy the cheapest kuksa/noggin type cup I've ever seen. It looks like it was hand carved on the outside and machined on the inside. For a price of 10zl it was a bargain and I managed to get a complementary spoon which hook over the side for only 2zl more.

Zakopane is in the main area for sheep rearing in Poland and there was a wide variety of woolen goods there. I bought a pair of slippers/shoes which are vary fluffy sheepskin. Agi immediately likened them to Polar Bear feet! I also picked up a pure wool gillet as it was the first time I'd seen one that wasn't artificial fleece.
The biggest item I bought was a type of mountaineers axe known in Poland as a Ciupaga. These are designed for use as both a walking stick and axe - imagine a tomahawk head on a 4 foot(1m20) shaft and that's waht you get. I looked long and hard and eventually found one with a proper forged head rather than a showy brass one. I don't know if it'll ever get a lot of use but it sure is an interesting item.

I have one more post to come concerning the so called "Robin Hood of Poland"when I get the photos downloaded.
One thing I've almost overlooked here is one of the oddest knives I've ever seen, for about 12 zl I bought it at the foot of Gubalowka. It looks like a bit of a saw blade pushed and glued into a cheap handle. As an item of interest it works and it is surprisingly sharp too.

The pattern is reminiscent of a Bosnian Skinner, but I doubt this is actually a traditional knife design here.


Pablo said...

These posts are really interesting. It's nice to see what other european folk use. The walking stick/axe/pick sounds interesting. Looking forward to the photo.
Cheers, Pablo.

Rafał said...

sam_acw said...

Updated photos now. Hope you enjoy 'em

John said...

I am impressed with the steel headed ciupaga. All of the ones I have seen are wooden or brass headed as a tourist souvenier. I would really like to get one such as the one you have purchased. Would it be possible to obtain a contact so that I could get one? I would really appreciate it.



sam_acw said...

I bought it from a street market about half way up Krupówki in Zakopane. I don't have any contact for the place and the stall guy said they were a limited run that he got a blacksmith to make for him.