Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Forging Ahead - De La Ronde Forge Axe

One of the items I ordered, and recieved, a while ago but haven't yet written about is the bag axe I recieved from Delaronde Forge. This axe comes in at a very light weight and with a 14 inch handle.
The overall workmanship is excellent especially the fit of the handle to head and how narrow and neat it all is. It hasn't yet seen a lot of work though as it has taken some considerable time to get an edge on it. The initial edge didn't seem too impressive when tested out on some birch at home and I've still not managed to get the edge shaving sharp yet.

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In all I'm delighted with the look, feel and weight but I'm reserving my judgement on cutting until I've got it truly sharp. You can see the narrow head shape in this photo from Delaronde's site. The rest are my pictures.