Saturday, April 14, 2007

Train (not) in Vain

The great thing about taking the train to Warsaw is that the bulk of the journey (100km - 2 hours) is through some really lovely birch and pine woodlands. I managed not only to see a couple of nice wooden houses but also a bit of the local wildlife. When I first got to Poland the sight of people still using horse drawn ploughs was also noteworthy but it is pretty common here so you get used to it quickly.
On the way back I had the good fortune to see a Stork. Although the White Eagle (Bialy Orzel) is the national symbol of Poland in many ways the stork seems to be the true national bird. It is present on almost as many tourist souvenirs and there are plastic ones dotted about on top of telgraph poles that were linked to some kind of advertising campaing. All that said it was only the second one I've seen. They are huge though - I don't think I've ever seen a bigger bird!A few minutes later I was even more fortunate to see quite a small deer standing at the edge of the woods and admiring the train go by. I think this was not a red deer as I saw in Scotland but a Roe Deer as it looked a lot smaller and the head shape looked different too.


torjusgaaren said...

Nice, are the storks threatened in Poland, in the same way as in Denmark?

sam_acw said...

I don't think they are but I'm not really sure. They definitely aren't super rare.

agi said...

yes they are, though they seem to be ubiquitous, especially in sring