Saturday, April 14, 2007

Swiat Nozy and Kephart's Knives

Whilst in Warsaw I managed to find the small Swiat Nozy shop by the main train station. The shop translates as Knife World and is by far the best knife shop I've come across. Ever.
They have stock of lots of the major manufacturers, Cold Steel, Benchmade, Buck, BRKT etc. They have a really good stock and considering the knives are all American they are reasonably priced. The service was professional and the owner was obviously a bit of a knife nut too!
Naturally I parted with some of my money to pick up a small Arkansas Stone and something I just couldn't pass up!
This, as keen eyed readers may notice, is the same design of knife recommended by Kephart in his book Camping and Woodcraft. Marbles knives have a great look to them and even with the modern handle material it doesn't look tactical. Luckily I'll get to play with both this one and the other style of knife used by Kephart too.