Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunday Woods Time

I managed to get a couple of hours in the Kapturski woods with Agi at the weekend. We took a different track and found a nice grove of birch trees on the edge of a clearing. A few of the trees had fallen over so I'll probably return this week to try and harvest some of the bark.
We saw a fair amount of blossom which may, or may not, be Hawthorn. The birch shoots were visible and a quick twist with the awl on my SAK produced a flow of drips (can you have that?) of birch sap. I tried a quick taste and would describe it as having a fresh taste - almost green. Agi needed some coaxing to try it - it might have looked a bit odd to her.
I also picked up a Y-shaped branch for some rooster carving but as it was dry seasoned wood it has proved too tough to get curls for his tail. My knife skills are improving nicely with a bit of regualr practice and sharp tools. The only downside is a pile of woodshavings!


Mungo said...

Sounds like a nice walk about!