Monday, April 16, 2007

Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej

In other words the Radom Rural Museum.
As Sunday was a bright and sunny day Agi and I decided to brave the local buses and go out to the Skansen. Despite sounding like a Scandanavian surname this is a Polish word for a rural building museum with a bizarre emphasis on windmills. Having grown up in the fens all the windmills in the museum did seem rather small!
It was a nice walk around and we got to see some traditional log built Polish homes from this area. Due to logs being very insulative they were quite cool in the sun and also, due to their age, fairly low ceilinged. As I grew up somewhere where we have 5'6" (150cm?) doorways and 5'9" (163cm) beams running the length of the house it was no big worry for me. It did present Agi with an opportunity to laugh at me though Later, however, some ducks got revenge for me as she is positively bird-phobic and was none too keen on looking at the old chicken and duck coops.
The whole museum was fairly good and has presented me with a few more ideas for homes.