Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hubertus Show Report

This was a show I'd been looking forward to for a while and I did expect quite a lot from it. When I arrived, about an hour after opening, there was a queue of over 200 people because there were only 2 ticket booths. After 15 minutes or so waiting I got into the main hall. The show was in an Expo centre in one of the more rundown areas of Western Warsaw and for some reason only a single hall was being used when there were 2 more available. This meant there was no real stage, just a plinth, and that there was very little space to move around and look at things.
I did manage to get some good information about the Polish Forestry Service which I'll post later and many brochures. I'll go through the links and pick out some of the better ones in future.
All in all the show was a big disappointment and appeared to have been organised on a shoe-string budget. The last country show I went to in England was vastly superior.