Saturday, April 07, 2007

Home making plans

A quick check through the bushcraft blogspace reveals a state of flux with both American Bushman and Mungo moving house. Myself, I'm still looking for a little wooden cottage near the woods.
I've been looking for the local ads paper for about a month now trying to get a feel of what land prices and older wooden homes are like. However it is proving far from easy with prices from 4000 to 300,000 for a wooden house. These prices are Polish Zloty - about 6 to the pound and 3 to the dollar - I'm guessing the 4000 option is more like a pile of sticks than a house! Radom is cheaper than the big cities such as Krakow and Warsaw which are approaching crazy money - a Londener would feel at home with Warsavian prices!The local estate agents (nieruchomosci), such as Bracia Miklewscy rarely have anything suitable - Poles tend to distrust estate agents and prefer to sell directly where possible. In general the internet and low priced real estate are not connected in Poland. If this sounds bad then consider the Polish word "DziaƂka" which is basically the word for plot of land. Or summer house. Or lot. Or dose. Or development land. Or allotment.My current thinking is that I'll save up to buy the land and then save some more and speak nicely to my boss about my contract then try to get a mortgage for something to put on it!
Most of the houses I like the look of tend to be defined as "Domy Letniskowe" - essentially summer houses. This usually means a much reduced cost but that they would require lots of insulation to keep efficiently warm. One of the side effects of both the lack of insulation and them being summer houses is that I'm looking to keep the size to 50m squared. I've lived in a space as small as 15m and been fine before - my current flat is close to 40m and I don't use any room efficiently and the biggest room is used only for drying my washing in.
I'm sure this all sounds very hypothetical but I'm in a mood to look to the future as I've just exended my contract here for another academic year and received a contract for summer teaching in York this week too. I'm making progress but when you're 24 it all seems to take a long time!


Mungo said...

I would love to see a photo of an example wooden building like you are writing about...

We're moving into our new house in 3 weeks - can't wait!

sam_acw said...

I've added some photos from a few companies websites for you. Good luck with the move!