Friday, April 06, 2007

Billycan Boiler

I've been waiting to make a set of billycans for a while and have even resorted to eating some strange varieties of tinned fruit in order to get a good range of different cans. This was an idea I remembered from my civil war reencating days when muckets were very popular. However we also used to use the 5kg catering cans of coffee as a boiler for the whole mess as they were smooth sided and looked more authentic.
I know this is a very easy make but even so I didn't manage to get any instructional photos as my camera doesn't have a makro mode.
To make a billy can or boiler you simply need a can, a length of wire, something pointy and sharp (I used the awl on my SAK) and something to bend the wire (depends on how thick it is)
Carefully drill 2 holes opposite each other and then bend the wire through the holes to make a bail. Be careful not to crush the can or stab yourself here please!
Here are the before and after photos:

Can, SAK and wire

Boiler with the tools (probably all of 90 seconds later)
When you've finished making it I recommend just sticking it all on the fire to burn off any gunk or unsavouriness and then boiling a first load of water as a test.

I even managed to find a handful of links for you all
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Now all I need is something to serve as a canteen half frying pan