Saturday, April 28, 2007

All Change

One of the most revealing things about regularly visiting the same wood is that you can see the changes week by week. Things that were in full blossom 2 weeks ago have faded again and been overtaken by new flowers and plants.
Today's walk, with Agi, to Las Kapturski was a really great afternoon out. Lovely weather and it being quite quiet off the main tracks meant we could have a really nice time. All the dandelions are in full flower with a handful already in seed. There also seem to be a lot of what may be beech trees. They are growing in a sandy pine wood as an understorey so this seems a good bet but I should have taken a leaf to compare to the pictures I've found.
One other thing of note is that the pair of us had a quick play at making "strings" from the inner bark of a few broken branches. We were pretty succesful and I'll probably return to this at some point in the future.