Monday, March 05, 2007

Walonki, Valenki or maybe just Felt Boots

As my regular readers can no dooubt tell winter clothing has been a to the forefront of my mind over the last couple of weeks. With spring coming this is the time for sales! Seeing Mors Kochanski on video say that a good pair of shoes for the outdoors may simply be 3 pairs of wool socks with a pair of sandals (in dry cold) set my brain whirring.
A few internet searches yielded a type of footwear called Valenki in Russia. They do not seem to have been used in Poland as they are known as a Walonki however I am looking for a good book on the clothing and tools of the Gorale highlanders in the Tatry as I remember them wearing wool socks with sandals. In wet cold these shoes could be worn with galoshes (Kaloszy) to keep out the water.
I've managed to find an article making these from pure wool (direct from sheep) though I may just buy a few big (huge!) pairs of woolen socks and stick them in a boil wash to see how it turns out.
There are some nice photos here at the St.Petersburger.