Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring seems to have Sprung

The last week seems to have been the first week of spring and it is finally nice enough weather to leave all the windows of my flat open. This is good because it lets the outside in.
I've been playing with some blocks of pine I picked up a week or so ago from some fallen trees that were chopped up to clear paths after the high winds. The Canadian Cold Steel knife has proved to be a really great tool which carves as well as the Mora does yet because of its curved edge produces feathers a lot more easily. The handle is a lot more ergonomic than the Mora too. I intend to put up a full review at some time in the future.
Using the Canadian I managed to make feather sticks which I've been able to light very simply using either the Blastmatch or matches. I hope to get out for a barbeque at the earliest opportunity as a test for some firelighting techniques and other new bits as weel as the Grilliput firebowl.